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Rob Nelson
19 January 2013

Taking a little while to get my head around this different platform. Have to say that it's not the most user-intuitive thing I have ever come across... One of the most frustrating things was not being able to post some things as soon as I had registered. Maybe it would have been less frustrating if the Moderator and I were in the same time zone instead of separated by half a world.

One of the comforting things is the number of others who appear to be "arriving late". It may well be that some people are able to carry out this project as part of their "day job" - those of us doing it in addition to the "day job" will really be having to get the old time management thingy in order...

My main client is going through what seems like a continual restructuring at the moment. This has caused a number of changes to my role every day for the last week - looking forward to this settling down next week so that I can give this project the time that it deserves and start some more planned networking. Trying to catch up with the postings for the last week at the moment. Thankfully, Monday is a public holiday here, meaning I have an extra day in the home office to get caught up.

Also trying to firm up my project thoughts - have to recognise that I can't do every different thing at once.

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Just finished watching the first Converge session. The courses and projects that I have run in the past have all been either face-to-face or blended - and participants have all had rthe same issues about getting themselves into teams that they think they will be able to stick with, working out who has primary responsibility for what, working out what the processes are going to be... Once we get past the "electric platform", I think it is important to recognise that the issues in designing learning across different platforms may be more similar than they are different.

Looking forward to Week 2.

Rob Nelson
21:42 on 19 January 2013

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