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Hello from UAL process.arts

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Chris Follows
19 January 2013

Hello,  I joined the University of the Arts London UAL in 2003 and since 2007 has been researching and developing open educational practice and OER content communities. 

I am the DIAL project manager 'Digital Integration Into Arts Learning' part of the JISC UK Developing digital literacies programme.  I recently completed a SCORE fellowship at the Open University and I'm the initiator of an open online resource sharing day-to-day arts practice and research of arts staff, students, alumni and practitioners. 

I've been involved in the JISC UKOER programmes phases 2 & 3 ALTO & ALTO UK and have an interest in UAL's Open Educational Practice advancements, building on UALs growing reputation as forward thinking university in this newly developing area. 

Groups i would be interested in are ... creating MOOCS from user generated content and open content communities. Independently driven MOOCS and agile development of MOOCS. And Digital Literacy all aspects but maybe focus on digital identities - 

Two or more projects linked to the DIAL project and

During these projects we aim to develop and design a pilot MOOC with specific pathways for bespoke training in this field.


What I and I hope the DIAL project and other UAL projects I'm involved such as get from this is:

 A clear idea/understanding/ideas of how best we can present and organise the thousands of user generated (learning and teaching) content by the related open voluntary communities of practice.

For example the mass of user generated resources on and through the development of the DIAL project groups -

During these projects we aim to develop and design a pilot MOOC with specific pathways for bespoke training in unique and besoke subjects like Professional Online Identities and digital presentation skills, like presenting using video etc....

We aim to continue the agile development of process.arts and try and explore and integrate this particular DIAL project Prototype thing: template example, The aim is to provide a resource that filters information and presents an initial highly relevant focus. -

Look forward to talking more as the course unfolds.

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