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Alan Clarke - Ecology of Resources (EoR) Design Framework

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Alan Clarke
19 January 2013

I am not sure if the Ecology of resources design framework is appropriate to the project. However, I am attracted to some aspects such as:

Phase 1: What help is potentially available in learner context? 

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Help available to adult and community learners 

1. Children (e.g. with technology, study skills)

2. Partners, friends and family (e.g. to support learners self confidence, study skills etc)

3. Workplace 

4. Tutor (with confidence, technology - potentially most things but realistically?)

5. Smart phone - help lines and other help

6. Help with computer systems

7. Books (including e-books) and printed materials (part of course and own purchases)

8. Community centres (UK Online centres)

9. Early success in course

10. Online peers

Skills and knowledge that learners need to develop

1. IT skills of e-mailing, participating in forums, searching, communication online both synchronous and asychronous

2. Develop self-confidence

3. Study skills for online environment

Constraints on learners

1. Limited finance probably best to assume free

2. Pride - unwilling to ask for help - made to look a fool

3. Limited time due to work and family commitments - probably only available at particular times (e.g. late at night, when children in school etc)

4. Track record of failure

What Learners bring to course that may help them?

1. Experience of life

2. Their networks of contacts

3. Motivation - they signed up for the course

Who or what can guide learners to achieve learning objectives?

1. Early success at a meaning activity

2. Tutor support

3. Children, family and friends

4. Online peers

Alan Clarke
14:11 on 19 January 2013

Help available to adult and community learners 

Libraries, voluntary organisations & volunteers


Job Centres

special educational needs support through charities; voluntary organisations

Constraints on learners

Good literacy, language and numeracy skills

Disabilities; learning difficulties

What Learners bring to course that may help them?

Motivation again through life triggers and needs e.g. need to help own children; need to help themselves because partner no longer around to deal with things for them; employment

Desire - to be 'in' with the 'in crowd', be able to use Facebook etc because their friends do

Who or what can guide learners to achieve learning objectives?

Volunteers - trained teenagers as suggested by Julianna

Workplace colleagues

Learning resources - online (e.g.; Khan Academy, YouTube Educational; learning objects) or offline (e.g. books; handouts; exercises; games; newspapers; crosswords etc etc)

Initial assessment and benchmarking; development plan

Self, formative and peer assessments

Lots of lovely, constructive, understandable, accessible feedback

Ongoing and regular reviewing of targets

Sandie Gay
14:45 on 21 January 2013 (Edited 15:33 on 21 January 2013)

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Sandie Gay
2:48pm 21 January 2013

Hi Alan

this is very comprehensive, thanks. I'm struggling to find additional items but will carry on thinking about the various resources and add any that I can think of.


Alan Clarke
5:09pm 22 January 2013

Hi Sandie

Thanks for the feedback


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