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Scenario EdTech Training

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Helen Guerin
19 January 2013

Saoirse is an Educational Technologist that wants to develop an online tutorial to show lecturers how integrate web 2.0 technologies into their portfolio of teaching strategies. In the first instance Saoirse will develop a template and demonstrate how to create a podcast. It is envisaged that this template can be reused to show people how to create a wiki, video vignettes, etc. These ‘How To’ tutorials will be available online on the training page of the website.

Extra content

Dr Glic is a lecturer in the School of Humanities. He is interested in recording some of his lectures to help his students with revision. He uses email and the VLE but is wary of technology. He has heard of podcasts and would like to know more about them.

More detailed version in template in Google Docs


Niall Watts
20:49 on 21 January 2013 (Edited 15:36 on 22 January 2013)

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added by Helen Guerin


Helen Guerin
3:32pm 19 January 2013

Hi Niall, 

Have you any comments on the EdTech Training Scenario?

Regards, Helen

Niall Watts
3:30pm 21 January 2013

'The devil is in the detail'. The learning deisgn would be very broad. Steps in creating a wiki (for example) are very different from those for creating podcast.  Perhaps we should start by looking for existing resources. I'm sure there are plenty on creating podcasts

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