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ARTiFactor: Desktop Computer Basics Scenario

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Art Oglesby
19 January 2013


Learners have paid $30 and are told they will take apart a desktop computer, learn what each part does, then put the computer back together again. They get to keep their computer. 


Learning activity is in the "Build Room" at Free Geek Twin Cities in MPLS, MN. USA on a Saturday morning at 10 am.


There will be at least one facilitator present who is a volunteer and might not have teaching experience. Learners have varied skills and handicaps/challenges. Challenges we've seen include the blind, quadriplegic, immature 10 yr old, autism sprectrum/aspergers, drug addicted felons/thief, having allergic reaction to mold, language deficit non-english speaking,attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and a Mulslim female reluctant to interact with males. 


Free Geek Twin Cities mission is to recycle or reuse unwanted computers and to help reduce the digital divide by providing learnig experiences that allow participants to be more digitally literate. This courses goal is that learners will understand their computer well enough to fix it when it does not seem to work.


The learning environment, a computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard, screwdrivers, example parts (CPUs, RAM, etc.), a working computer with internet access, a facilitator, and a learning activity instruction booklet (also available via a website).


  • connect a mouse, keyboard, and monitor to a desktop computer
  • connect the computer to a power source and turn it on
  • disassemble the computer into its component parts and put it back together again
  • be able to name the parts of the computer and what they do
  • be able to install an operating system (OS: Linux Xubuntu) from an install CD
  • be able to update, personalize, customise, and add extras to their OS


The participant will have their own computer for a minimal cost. The learner will be more self confident in using their desktop computer and if it doesn't work, may be able to fix it.

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I am revising my Scenario in this blog post:

Computer Basics: designing a learning experience

Art Oglesby
23:17 on 21 January 2013

Revised Force Map

Art Oglesby
00:35 on 22 January 2013

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