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Ida Rodgers' Activity Dream Cloud: A Template for a Course Glossary Self-Study Tool

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Ida L. Rodgers, Ph.D.
19 January 2013

I have to make a decision, so for the moment I will throw out for consideration one of my activity dreams:  To create a template that I could use for different courses where in students need to become familiar with the langage of the subject. I want the glossary self-study tool to provide students with a study pathway that is loose enough that they can make choices about what to do and in what order, a group of short activities that require the students to see different points-of-view about the term being studied, and a quiz with immediate feedback when they have completed the self-study activities for a set of terms (probably 10). The template should include a way for each student to have an account that tracks their progress through all the sets of glossary terms and provides them with a certificate of completion (badge, whatever--just something that they can take away with them) when they learn to correctly use the terms. 

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Activity Cloud: My Dream: A template for a glossary self-study activity

 My situation (context)

The courses I teach (editing, research, and technical writing) involve learning to use the language of the subjects, and I have not been thrilled by the online quizzes provided by the textbook authors. These online quizzes seem dry, boring, and the result of passing the task of building chapter quizzes to graduate teaching assistants rather than a professional evaluators work.

I want to build a self-study glossary program that I can use to create glossaries for different courses, test, and revise over time 

The change I would like to see (challenge)

The challenges I face include the fact that I don't do computer programming, so I must rely on something that already exists. Several programs that would work do exist, so I guess one of my first steps is to create a criteria for selecting which program to use and next to review those programs.

The change would like to see is the creation of a template that can be easily adapted by myself and others for creating self-study glossary tutorials and quizzes that are effective in terms of teaching students the terminology of the course they are taking.

How you might go about bringing that change

I think what I need most is input from other online teachers:

  • How do you teach the terminology for your subject matter?\
  • What works?
  • What does not work?
  • How do you make it fun and interesting?
  • How do you evaluate the learning?
  • How do you evaluate the activities?

 Please feel free to share your thoughts in the discussion section. 

Ida L. Rodgers, Ph.D.
18:19 on 19 January 2013

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Ida L. Rodgers, Ph.D.
6:04pm 19 January 2013

I invite you to contribute your thoughts, experiences, and resources for the creation of a template or just the creation of one glossary self-learning activity. For example, one of the courses I teach is research methods in communication studies, and the glossary for the course is quite lengthy. Knowledge of some of those glossary terms are needed in the Senior Capstone class that I also teach. I would like to have a self-study glossary activitiy that I could use in both classes. Glossaries for other classes include two editing classes, technical writing, and business writing. 

I wonder what folks teaching other classes see as useful for their students in terms of building self-study activities that provide students with automated feedback. 

Your thoughts? 


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