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Scenario for Self-Directed Exploratory Learning

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Ann Davis
19 January 2013

Actors: Sally is a designer for a large corporation and is creating a curriculum for New Hires.  Two sudents are Jerry (who is fresh out of school) and Malia who is getting back into the workforce after starting a family.

Goals: Sally wants to create training where the students (at times) can take a self-directed approach to learning.  Jerry is super excited about having his first job and is anxious to do well.  Malia wants to be able to pass initial training and get on to a regular paycheck.

Settings: Most of the time everyone is in a corporate classroom, but they will also be in the full office environment.  At times, they will take virtual sessions with another group of new hires in another part of the country.

Objects: The will have access to each other, seasoned coaches and employees in the office, many online resource tools, a online location to post comments and questions.

Actions: Sally hands out an assignment to the new hires to find 5 pieces of information.

Events: Sally watches her students start their work.  Jerry immediately starts walking around the office asking anyone he can find to answer the question.  Malia on the other hand, starts with online resources first, figuring others may not always be available to ask.

Results: While both students found the answers, Jerry was not able to locate any item on his own, while Malia realised she could find the information again if needed.

Your design: In this design, it will be important to have items that require being able to locate on their own, but others when they will have to engage others.  The desire is the make the new employees self-sufficient. 

 2) Develop a narrative scenario/s

Introduce actors and goals, describe the settings, put the events in order...


Jane lives in... She is really hoping... she...



What happens next...








And after interaction with your design...







3) Scrutinize your scenario & revise as necessary

What claims are you making: for your designs? about context? about the people involved? etc...

Do these hold up? Summarise your claims below particularly those that you feel need more support.

Our design will... by...

The important features of context in our scenario are....










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