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Scenario-based LD for Over the counter sales

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Chris Basson
19 January 2013

Actors: Personas (who is involved?)

New sales guy -                The person that just started to do over the counter sales (OCT).
Old Hand – Have been doing OCS for more than a year.
Little experience - The one with little proficiency in OCS
Average experience- The one with average proficiency in OCS.
High Experience – The one with a lot of proficiency in OCS.
Social butterfly – The person that easily engage in social activities.
Last in – The person that only engage socially because s/he must.
Tech dude – The person that is technologically advanced and comes to grips with technology quite fast.
Tech last – The person that have a very low proficiency in using technology.
Time troll – The person with a lot of time to spend on training.
Fast one - The person with a little time to spend on training.
Model citizen – The person that can spend time on training after work.
Not now – Can not spend time on training after work.
Supervisor – The supervisor of the OCS agent.
Reactor – The person that takes natural lead in group based scenarios.
Grouper – The person that does not initiate but follow the trend of the group.
Sit in - The person that sits back and is passively involved with group work.

Goals: (why?)

New sales guy -                Needs to acquire terminology and context of OCS.
Old Hand – The person has the context and knowledge of OCS.
Little experience - Wants to get better at over the counter sales (OCT).
Average experience- Wants to optimise their skills and learn something new to get the edge.
High Experience – Wants to perfect his already competent sales skills.
Social butterfly – The person wants to interact socially with people
Last in – The person that only engage because s/he must due to the form factor of the engagement and is only interested in completing it as quick as possible.
Tech dude – This person want to work with the project because he understands the technology used in it.
Tech last – This person wants to engage in learning but does not have the technological know-how to engage with the learning solution.
Time troll – The person has a lot of time to spend on training and can thoroughly go over each aspect of the learning
Fast one – This person wants to engage with training but do not have a lot of time to set aside for it
Model citizen – The person would like to spend time on training after work.
Not now – This person only wants to engage with learning during office hours.
Supervisor – The supervisor wants to take part in the learning to support agents through coaching.
Reactor – The person wants to take the lead and create structure.
Grouper – The person that does not initiate but wants to follow the trend of the group.
Sit in - The person that is only there and do not take part in the group activities.

Settings: (where & when?)

Most of the action happens in at the work place and during office hours but the learners will have an option to engage after hours.

Objects: (what things are involved?)

  • smart phone
  • laptop
  • tablets
  • supervisors

Actions:  (what do actors do?)

The learners are engaged in a small group online learning solution that is constructed from the constructivist perspective in a type of social learning.

Extra content


Bernie is 36 years old. He has been working for ClouldWork Pharmaceutial company for 5 years, he has just got a promotion, now he is the regional sales manager for the YunNan Province in the southeast part of China. He is married to Serena, a nurse working in the local hospital.  There are 35 sales representatives, a sales assistant and a financial assisstant in his team. YunNan province  is made up of 15 cities and 20 rural areas, each sales representative looks after either one city or one rural area. 

Bernie was very passionate about his job, he was a succuessful sale person, and learned about through everyday sales activities. He believes that it is his job to training his people, and he plans to teach his team everything he knows about selling OTC products.  He wrote a series training sessions called "ACE" Selling strategies. He talked to Marketing and training departmant, trying to get help from them so he can combine the marketing strategy, product knowledge into the selling skill. 

His team members very very different, (list above under the actors section by Chris) they all work alone in their area, use cellphone and email to comunicate with Bernie. Sometime, they will go online to company's website, trying to get connected, often disappointed. They feel they need more support from each other and particularly from their manager. 

Goal for Bernie: to develop a training framework for his team, use 6 month to implement his ACE selling strategies. 


Alice (Xin) Huang
09:05 on 20 January 2013

Tom Is 21 years old and very energetic and very chatty. He is single and stays with some of his friends who all pay rent for the apartment they live in. He has many friends and spends his available time socializing. He is outgoing and believes that life is what you make of it. It always seems as if he is having fun wherever he goes not taking life's strains too seriously. After Tom left school he started his career as a journalist at a local newspaper where he did quite well for himself. He supplemented his income with the commission he received from selling advertisements. His success with sales motivated his decision to get involved with over the counter sales where the commission, if he was successful, stands to be quite a sizable amount. 

He started new in the company as a sales consultant and it is his first experience with over the counter sales. He is a very sociable at work and quickly creates relationships with his fellow employees. Everyone seems to like him as he is always there to help when it is needed. Mostly it is with menial office tasks as he does not have a lot of on the job knowledge. He seems to be very clued up regarding anything technological and could navigate the company's system in no time at all. He likes to learn and seems to have a lot of time to do so. He amazes  everyone with the amount of communication devices that he has and he always seems to be connected with his friends on social networks. When the manager asked for someone to organize the Christmas party he volunteered immediately. He was quite successful in organizing everything assigning small tasks to his fellow employees, even the manager. He sometimes hangs around the office after work to chat with people or to read some of the communications the company sends out. He always takes pamphlets or reading material that he emails to his personal account to study them and gain more knowledge that way. 

In the learning intervention that his manager enrolled all the employees in he was the first one to access the new website. He created his own profile and played with the system so after not long he was able to help others do the same. He came in one morning boasting that he has already completed the first exercise on his iPad while he was lying in bed. He was quick to create connections or links to each one of his colleagues. He was even able to tell his colleagues about interesting features of the system. In the group exercises he was keen on exploring the new approaches to learning and posted a lot of his ideas on the system.    

James is 42 and lives in a house that he and his wife had bought soon after their marriage. James has worked for the company all his life. The company went through a restructuring process about a year ago where he was moved from his old job as a data analyst to an unfamiliar field of over the counter sales. It was a stressful period for him but after the process he was just too lucky to have a job, even if it meant doing something he does not really like. He has lost faith in the company being true to its promises and only invest as much energy as is necessary to get him through the day.

He does not seem to be one of the companies' best sales people but he is not one of the top performers even. He knows everyone in the office but does not regard them as friends. It generally takes a long time for him to be comfortable in a new crowd of people and he took some time before he started feeling relaxed amongst his new colleagues. Of all the people in the office he is the one that knows the company's Computer system the best and have even connected his iPad and iPhone to the network for him to be able to work remotely. He always seems to have a lot of time on his hands and but he is not willing to work after hours even if he could see the benefit in it. He always seems happy to go along with what the rest of the group decides but never provide any suggestions. 

His manager signed him up for a new learning solution that forces him to work with his colleagues in virtual groups. Although he understands the technology behind it he had always found the world of "social Interaction" over a network to be superflicient. He would rather talk to people than send them messages and he is not one of the most talkative people in the company. He sees this new training intervention as something that he is forced to deal with and only engages in it as much energy as possible to get by. His supervisor once remarked that he could contribute more to the topics under discussion on the learning system.

Chris Basson
07:02 on 22 January 2013

Persona Card -Joseph

* Name: Joseph
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Lives in Shangri-la  with his wife. He has two children all left for university. He has been working for this company for over 15 years, after all these years hard working, he has established very good client base and client relationship. He and his clients are now friends.  His sales performance is stable, not among the top 10 percent, but always above the average. And he only has to spend half of his time to achieve the sales target allocated to him.

He is good at taking his clients for dinner, and other entertainment, so his selling cost is rather high.
Shangri-la is very far way from the head office in KunMing, so Joseph is used to work on his own, as long as he can achieve his sales targets, the previous managers always choose to leave him alone. So he kind of have set up his own way of working. But this is not the case with the new promoted manager, Bernie. Bernie wants to bring him back to the team. One of the option on Bernie’s mind is to relocate Joseph to KunMing, the head office, so he can work with him closely. But Joseph hates this idea.

Because of his achievement and his long service for the company, he doesn’t follow the new sales manager’s order and refuse to take on more sales targes/volums. And  he also doesn’t think he needs any training, he is coping very well, he is always able to slip away from  f2f training session even under the watch of trainers, let alone online training, he simply wouldn’t do it.

However, he does feel the need to access information of the products he is selling and marketing promotion plans for his territory, he sometimes complains that the organization is failing him by not providing enough information/support for him when he needs it, for example, one of his client suddenly asked about a side effect of a OTC medicine he is selling in the middle of a dinner event, and he couldn’t answer the question, and he couldn’t get hold of any people from head office to help, he felt really embarrassed and complained to other sales agents that the smartphone given by the company is useless! And the company website has everything but useful information!

Education and experience Joseph doesn’t hold university qualifications, when he started working for the company, they didn’t ask for university qualification, he works very hard, and earned his reputation through hard working. Now every new sales agent all holds bachelor degree. He reckon real knowledge is learned through social/life experience, not through university.
Role and responsibilities Sales agent for the area of Shangri-la, Yun Nan province
Technical skills Joseph is good at using his smartphone, he can text and drive (not approved by his wife and his manager). He loves web surfing with his phone while waiting for his client or traveling in the bus.
Subject domain skills and knowledge exceptionally well in people relationship and communication.  He knows how to deal with conflict, how to manage expectation, and very good at negotiation.  However, because he didn’t get a lot of education, so he is struggling with the product knowledge, very often he could’t provide his client with correct information about their products.
Motivation and desires Want to carry on working in Shangri-La, his beloved hometown for another 5 years and then get retired happily.
Goals and expectations Use mobile device to deliver product training, and provide product information anytime, anywhere for sales agents.
Obstacles to their success content with current status, no motivation for changes.
Unique assets expereince.

Alice (Xin) Huang
08:52 on 22 January 2013

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