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Week 2 Learning

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Chris Basson
19 January 2013

I am exhausted! The learning is wonderful but extremely taxing. I have made a lot of notes on Evernote as I worked my way through the study material. There are constantly opening worlds for me with each article I read and each assignment I do.

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Alice (Xin) Huang
9:57am 22 January 2013

I am using evernote as well! Same here, a bit exhausted, I was seriously thinking of quitting, until I saw the scenario you put together for our project! So thank you for keep me going! 



Chris Basson
11:07am 24 January 2013

I have learned that the personas are a very valuable tool in getting a feel for the target audience. It is quite hard to develop a persona that can be tested in reality. My initial thoughts on personas was very scientific, describing a set of characteristics or variables but with guidance I realized that a person is more than this. It needs a lot of context to be an effective persona.

If I have to go through the reading there are a number of of things that stood out for me:

1) The context differs not only from prospective but also by theoretical approach. When I thought of context I immediately taught about it from a poistivist perspective. Learning the difference from a phenomenological perspective was a wonderful but challenging insight.

2) I learned a lot about learner centred learning where:

  • Responsibility is shared between the learner and teacher
  •      Students develop learning skills for further learning
  •      Students become self-directed lifelong learners
  •      Students can assess their own learning
  •      Students become proficient in assessment of own strengths and weaknesses
  •      Students become proficient in all information literacy skills

3. My learning also went outside of the designed curriculum learning about the 5 essential literacies.

  • Attention
  • Participation
  • Collaboration
  • Critical consumption
  • Network awareness


Joshua Underwood
10:01am 28 January 2013

Hi Chris, great to see your reflections and summary on learner-centred learning and 5 essential literacies - they look very useful. I'm going to start working on mine :-)

Penny Bentley
11:12pm 6 February 2013

Alice, me too...I'm a bit dishevelled trying to keep up in a different time zone here in Oz. Where are you? My Evernote folders are filling up with notes, my Diigo reading list will keep me busy for months and my "Paper" app journals/scribbles are on the increase. I've even taken to making audio notes in Evernote when I'm hit with an idea in random places, such as the supermarket. Thoroughly enjoying my mobile #oldsmooc. Chris thanks for "putting pen to paper" with your thoughts. I'm beginning to realise that so much of what I'm doing in #oldsmooc is trying to articulate how I've "done" 25 yrs in the secondary classroom. Deeply probing/reflecting on "regardless of my maths, science, chemistry did I DO the teaching? What worked best, what was a flop, why, what are my peers doing in their classrooms, why do kids sit still with teacher x but run a muck with teacher y? Penny

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