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Iwona's #oldsmooc_w2 reflections

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Iwona G
20 January 2013

Still no project in mind. But, I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. It seems that my thread on google+ might morph itself into a vibrant study group. Great start to Week 2!

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So, it’s Saturday. I haven’t yet had a chance to begin reading the Week 2 resources. But, something has triggered my attention: a tweet, a question…

what do others think? RT @jgh#oldsmooc designed with context in mind? Not sure, not fitting my learning preferences…

My reply is: my #oldsmooc is what I make of it by setting my personal goals & taking charge of my learning.

And here is how I see the learner context of the course:

  • Like structured learning? Follow the suggested structure.
  • Dislike structured learning? Make your own study plan, or don’t plan at all.
  • Unsure if you are up to following 9 weeks of the course? Choose which topic (week) interests you and dive right in.
  • Tight on time? Follow #oldsmooc Twitter. Lots to learn from participants’ tweets.
  • Looking to learn but not engage in discussions? Lurk.

I do believe that every learner can successfully take away something from the course; they just need to identify for themselves what it is they want from it.

Iwona G
01:17 on 20 January 2013 (Edited 01:21 on 20 January 2013)

Week 2 was very interesting for me and filled me with elation on a number of occasions, about which I will write later. I am planning to collect a few more of those happy OLDS-MOOC moments and then elaborate on them.

Here’s what I did in Week 2:

-          Came up with a dream project and put it in context by considering both the learner and the learning provider as key stakeholders

-          Devised a persona, which was an eye-opening activity for processing ideas from the learner’s perspective

-          Participated in the convergence session

-          Tweeted regularly

-          Located a project that is practically identical as mine and sent a collaboration request

I hope Twitter will be included in the badge achievement considerations:)

Iwona G
02:34 on 27 January 2013

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Joshua Underwood
3:31pm 20 January 2013

Hi Iwona, could you insert a link to that thread to make it easier for people to follow throuogh to it from here?

I'm very encourage that you believe "every learner can successfully take away something from the course; they just need to identify for themselves what it is they want from it." I guess the question is whether the course design is getting in the way of this. I guess for some yes and for others no. Certainly, I'm learning and beginning to see how I beleive things could be improved. A bit like "design in the wild" though I'd like to make it more participatory.

Iwona G
2:56am 21 January 2013

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for your reply. Here is the blog post I was referring t

Briar Jamieson
1:56am 22 January 2013

Iwona, I just saw your tag learner=designer! In my blog I call learning design - 'learner design'.  Are we on the same page?!!!

10:42pm 28 January 2013 (Edited 11:59am 29 January 2013)

Hello Iwona (and the others in these exchanges).

I like the concept of 'learner designer'. It ties in with the project we're setting up here in the French National Distance Learning Centre (Cned). We're working on content and delivery strategies for online teacher training and we are about to start researching the topic via a Living Lab we set up some time ago and that has remained inactive up to now.

The Living Lab entails getting target audiences into focus groups -  F2F and/or online - to work with them on their needs and context with a view to collaborative content creation. We're absolutely at the outset; things should take off within the next three months or so, I hope...

Seeing your remarks, Iwona, about encouraging peer learning, i was wondering if your institution has any means for getting your learners into what is called co-creation. But I think I understood that your learners have no platform as such for any social interaction...  We've been using the Ning social network solution in two of our courses over the past 18 month with a good measure of success in generating peer2peer collaboration and learning. I wonder if that could be a solution - albeit on an experimental footing at the outset - to try and work towards greater learner interaction?

Just a few thoughts here - at last! - after trying to get into the swing of the olds mooc programme for the past two weeks!

The Living Lab concept:
Our Living Lab:


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