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Ebba Ossiannilsson
20 January 2013

Hi I'm Ebba, Lund University, SE. I'm hoping to participate throughout the oldsmooc and I am really a  new comer in Cloudworks and I am definately used to it yet, some trial and error and I am ahppy when i succeed.

This is  my 3rd MOOC so far

I'm interested inOER; OEP; MOOC, open ed,quality. My PhD which I earned DEc 2012 from Oulu University in Finland was about benchmarking e-learning in higher education. I have recently been appointed to take the lead for my University to goopen and to be part in teh MOOC movement,
That is teh reason why I follow the OLDSMOOC, trying to learn about

  • methods for design and innovation
  •  inquiry learning
  • developing web-based and mobile stuff to support learning (trajectories) across settings and episodes.

Extra content

My experiences from week 1

  • Confusing
  • Too many tasks and content to kkep up with
  • Found soem friends to keep in touch with.
  • Not really come into teh content of teh cours yest, and we are already in teh second week
  • Trying to revise & feel more confident about  Learning Design.

Ebba Ossiannilsson
10:56 on 20 January 2013

21/01/2013 My experiences from  week 2

Still confusing

I was happy to come in contact with a group fellow amn we were confused both of us, we discussed yestereday in a hangout and we agreed that the course was somewaht overwhelming and confusing. We agreed to ahve a new hangout this afternoon to help each other out.

Yesterday  Grainne Conole raised a question o FB what teh taughts were, so I discussed with her, that helped. She suggested not necessary to do everything, that helped as well

Today I am trying and my task is to get familiar with Cloudworks

Ebba Ossiannilsson
11:01 on 20 January 2013

Now in the end of week 2 some issues are more clear

I have learned a lot about scenarius and the complexiy of learning design
Although I ahve nort reallu used the features of Cloudworks neither teh entire group discussions, to much to follw

I will keep upp teh speed during week 3

Ebba Ossiannilsson
09:07 on 22 January 2013

MY learning for week 2 in the OLDSMOOC ahs been

1 I Hve gain more knoledge on Cloudworks, which helps  a lot for fulfilling teh demnding assignments in teh course

2. I have come on contact with others in the course adn we have more discussed around teh course than around content or common work on assignemnt, I will say it is quite difficult to do some common work, even if it could be desireable ad for sure very fruitful

3. I have learned about personas

4. I have learned about force maps

5. I have learned about mindmaping for learning design

Ebba Ossiannilsson
19:09 on 23 January 2013

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