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Sancha's personas - Laurie

Cloud created by:

Sancha de Burca
20 January 2013

Persona Card - Learning Design



Name: Laurie

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Lives in Edinburgh with Mum, Dad, 16 yr old sister, 2 cats. Likes   graphic novels, comic con, Supernatural, Deviant Art, tattoos

Education and experience

Comprehensive school. Might   want to go to uni – not sure yet

Role and responsibilities

Currently at home, having   finished A1 levels. Doesn’t work.

Technical skills

Adobe CS and general computing.   Has a Mac

Subject domain skills and knowledge

Amateur knowledge of art but   likes it and goes to lots of exhibitions, reads magazines and blogs. Knows a   bit about the artists she likes. Knows stuff about the illustrators that   might be at Comic Con.

Motivation and desires

Wants to build up a portfolio;   might like to make graphic novels, perhaps to sell art on a private basis;   enjoys making art and design

Goals and expectations

Hopes to learn how to design in   a more professional fashion but might not understand how much effort that   will take.

Obstacles to their success

Has an amateur approach and   want to do this for fun which might curtail motivation or effort. Might not   understand the idea of quality design.

Unique assets

Very creative and gets inspired   easily. Looks at things obliquely “out of the box”.


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