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Sancha's personas - Jessie

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Sancha de Burca
20 January 2013

Persona Card - Learning Design



Name: Jessie

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Lives on a small farm in Vermont with widowed Mum several younger   sisters and brothers. Likes animals, science, maths, architecture and biking.

Education and experience

Homeschooled throughout his   education. Not much experience of art or design except small homeschool   projects downloaded from internet.

Role and responsibilities

Responsibilities on farm, such   as feeding animals, helping clear out pens etc and household chores. Sings in   local church choir.

Technical skills

Simple computing skills with   text and spread-sheets but no use of design software.

Subject domain skills and knowledge

Admires some artists but has an   interest in posters and likes the idea of systematic design. Overall subject   knowledge is thin.

Motivation and desires

Wants to gain high school   credits to progress to college but wants something less boring than “regular”   subjects. Has an interest in architecture as a career and feels studying   design might help him. Family has a strong faith-based lifestyle which helps   Jessie to work hard.

Goals and expectations

Hopes to learn facts about   design and how to create things to a brief. Has a slight feeling he may be   doing the wrong course.

Obstacles to their success

Mom feels that design is not a   proper subject and is worried that Jessie won’t get the right credits to   progress. Jessie is busy and if he has to give up any topics design might be   first on the list.

Unique assets

Intelligent, systematic and   thorough worker who considers everything he is asked to.


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