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My dream: web 2.0 vs teaching 2.0

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Nuno Ricardo Oliveira
20 January 2013

Your situation (context)

Teachers nowadays are asked to update themselves on the materials they use to give lessons in a more attractive way to their students. But the reality is that students sometimes have greater ease and knowledge in the use of technology, so it is important to equip teachers to find the tools at their disposal in web 2.0 for free. This project aims to be firstly a version in the b-learning system, to facilitate the integration of teachers who have more difficulty or are more adverse to novelty and innovation.

The change you would like to see (challenge)

The aim is to encourage teachers to use web 2.0 tools as attractive features for their classes. With the use of these resources in teaching, students will become more motivated and classes will have different dynamics, since the use of technology is always a motivating factor for students.

How you might go about bringing that change

The approach will be sought through a training regime in b-learning in order to motivate trainees and clarify any doubts that may occur at morecomplex moments in theclassroom. But the training will have a graduate scheme. In the beginning there will be more classroom sessions and toward the end of the training there will be the use of the e-learning system using videoconferencing one hour a week to clear doubts. The whole course will run from Moodle, Blog, GoogleDocs, Prezi, Youtube, Wikispaces, and videoconferencing amongst others …


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Cristina Neto
4:29pm 24 January 2013

Hello, Nuno

What do you think about using web 2.0 tools with special educational needs students? Isn't thata great way to promote their success and inclusion? If you´d like you can take a look at "My dream" here at Cloudworks.

Thank you

Cristina Neto (UAb)

Nuno Ricardo Oliveira
5:40pm 24 January 2013

Hello, Cristina

I believe that some of the Web 2.0 tools are excellent for use in Special Education, but I believe that the teachers who are working with students with Special Educational Needs, need an update and see what the best tool for the desired effect.

In my project I intend to equip teachers with various Web 2.0 tools and to understand what their gains in education. I believe that this fact also fits your project.

I think this is really a great idea to promote the success of students and to their inclusion.

Thank you.

Nuno Ricardo Oliveira (UAb)

Cristina Neto
4:29pm 25 January 2013

Hi, Nuno

Right, that's what I thought! It is also my intention to provide teachers with web 2.0 tools, although specifaclly to work with SEN students, even more specifically for children with autism. We should, perhaps, combine efforts to create our projects. Should we create a study circle or a project team? Maybe we can find more people to join us!

Cristina Neto

Nuno Ricardo Oliveira
2:41pm 29 January 2013

Hi Cristina,

I would like to apologize for the fact that only now be responding, but only now saw the comment.

I agree to join forces and build a project in common and liked the idea of the study circle within the Web 2.0 tools.

How would you apply this reality? We hold a contact to delineate these tasks and build now the task of the third week in this perspective. What do you think?


Nuno Ricardo Oliveira

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