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Learning Design (HE) -Another scenario

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Sheila MacNeill
20 January 2013

A technology advisor for a national service has been involved with a number of learning design tool developments; and often has to introduce projects to work of other projects. She would like a simple online (and easily updatable) online resource that could link and explain a number of tools to anyone who was interested in using/and or developing learning design tools/approaches but make it more interactive than just scrolling through a list. She is wondering if a webquest approach (identify, explore, contextualise, share) approach might work.

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Sheila MacNeill
8:44am 23 January 2013

thanks Daniel.

Clare Gormley
5:05pm 23 January 2013

Hi Sheila,

I agree with Daniel, I definitely think you have something there with the suggestion of the inquiry-based webquest approach. I must admit I haven't used webquests myself previously but based on the description here I really like the sound of them. Because they seem to have fairly standard elements (intro, task, process, resources, evaluation & conclusion) this approach might also be useful for providing a framework for the design, which might be helpful.

I think the tricky part would be deciding what specifically you want the outcome or outcomes of the webquest to be, because of course, that will drive everything else. I totally agree with you also that a list of links/resources is best explored with a specific objective in mind. Indeed there could potentially be multiple roles and different people on the webquest could be asked to complete different tasks. Would love to hear your thoughts on that when you get time! Thanks, Clare

Sheila MacNeill
8:29pm 23 January 2013

Thanks Clare - that's really encouraging. Hopefully can start putting more context/objectives in place this week.

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