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Art Oglesby
20 January 2013

OLDSMOOC Navigation Tool

Some sort of collaborative navigation tool for OLDSMOOC might help those lost in the clouds.

Here is an early stage of development:

OLDSMOOC Navigation Tool

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Hugues Chicoine
1:41pm 21 January 2013 (Edited 1:42pm 21 January 2013)

Art, thanks for doing and offering all that work. So far, address distribution is as follows:

Address distribution [22 destinations :: 6 addresses] = 1
mindmeister = 1
pbworks = 1 
twitter = 3 = 4
cloudworks = 12
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Twitter #oldsmooc
Force Maps
Develop Context Scenarios
Ecology of Resources
Scenarios Collection 
Learning Design Context
EOR Do Phase
EOR Do Phase 2
EOR Do Phase 3
Make a Mindmap
EOR 1 Example
EOR 2 Example
EOR 3 Example

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