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Rose Heaney Week 2 scenario

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Rose Heaney
20 January 2013

1) Brainstorm components of your scenario

Learner: Joe works for international organisation based in southern Africa. He has signed up for the course to develop his knowledge of psycho-social approaches in the humanitarian aid sector.
Section specialist (facilitator) Sue:  is an expert on a particular aspect of this course, works as a consultant for a large aid organisation in South East Asia & will run a couple of online tutorials on her specialist area. She is paid for a total of 4 hours.

Joe has a PC with intermittent web access so he needs to download a lot of content and can’t always be online at agreed times for tutorials. He would like to see more dynamic communications preferably via a tool that will work on a mobile phone as well as a PC.
Sue is very pressed for time, is only paid for 4 hours work yet accessing the university system & testing it in advance eats into this time (or her own time). She uses Skype & Google in other contexts - why not for this course? The numbers are quite small so it should be manageable.

Settings: (where & when?)
The tutorials takes place online at set times in the week carefully chosen to cater for the majority of time zones.

Objects: (what things are involved?)

Joe & Sue have PCs & Internet enabled phones

Actions:  (what do actors do?)
Joe & Sue meet with others in a Google hangout, sharing documents and other resources via google too.

Events: (what happens to actors?)
It goes well  

Results: (what is achieved?)
& Joe thinks he could use Google for other online communications too as well as document sharing & other activities. He has some concerns about security & confidentiality however. Sue plans to invite another colleague to join next time (normally this would be diffilcult because of the need to be authenticated on the VLE.

Your design:
Use freely available tools, probably from the Google suite, to devise a new way of providing a platform for realtime (and possibly asynchronous) communications on a distance learning course that is currently hampered by its outmoded VLE provision & lack of an obvious web conferencing tool.

2) Develop a narrative scenario/s
Introduce actors and goals, describe the settings, put the events in order...

I think this is covered above & I’m over my 45 minutes :-)

3) Scrutinize your scenario & revise as necessary
What claims are you making: for your designs? about context? about the people involved? etc...
Do these hold up? Summarise your claims below particularly those that you feel need more support.

As this is an existing course with known learners & facilitators I am reasonably confident that the design has some merit.
Any welcome - I'll be sharing with colleagues who are 'offline' as well.

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