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Cecilia Bernal
20 January 2013

WEEK 2 Learning outcomes

  • Understand the concepts of Context, Personas and Scenario- based designed.
  • Describe Scenario, Contexts, Personas and Challenge in relation to the collaborative project.
  • Communicate and receive feedback from others.
  • Evaluate the relevance of contextual aproches in learning design practice.

I'm really struggling with Week 2. All concepts and approches are new for me, so I'm always a step behind. I didn't understand the difference between describing "actors" and  "Personas". I asked this inquiry in the Open Group, and then it was more clear for me. In an attempt to pick things up, after reading suggested references,  I made a slide with the main terms definitions, but it will take me a couple of days to digest new information and being able to build up the design framework of our project

I found amazing the aproach Ecology of Resources. 

Unfortunately, I must admit I was able to achieve just the first objective for this week. I hope week 3 is not so intense, I'm looking forward to keep learning, but some times I feel difficult to follow up.

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Understanding Concepts

Understanding Concepts

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