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Week 1 Reflection

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Julie Pisano
20 January 2013

Found Week 1 thought provoking and challenging.  Have been grappling with the variety of sites/programs being used in the program and think I've managed to upload information where I shouldn't be and probably not much to where it should be.

Will work on this next week!

The articles contained some thought provoking ideas which have challenged my thinking about learning design.  My idea is not a MOOC nor using virtual worlds or others discussed ... but about providing a learning experience within an organisation which is moving further into the elearning space.

Many are not ready for the world of MOOC, however they do need to 'get on board' or be left behind and this will be interesting to observe over the coming months/years.

Choosing one idea from Week 1 .... ask myself 'why did I create the course in this way?  what other options are available and why didn't I choose these?'

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