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AB's Learning Journal - Week 2

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Anne Bradbury
21 January 2013

This is where the work begins!

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Anne Bradbury
11:23am 22 January 2013 (Edited 1:21pm 22 January 2013)


Got my first badge today (Week 1)  - I hadn't appreciated these would be on 'public view' - something I am not too sure/happy about. Will readers be influenced by someone's 'credentials' when reading in the future? (As well as being a good marketing/pulicising tool for Mozilla). This is rather like the 'reputation' rating, too.

It adds to the 'competitive' feel about the MOOC. Can you get this done, 'up and running' faster than anyone else? Who has the most readers/active participants? Who has the nuggets of knowledge and quotable phrases that seem to best encapsulate and express ideas?  It could all seem like a struggle for recognition, more 'game-play' and competition strategies. Is this really a 'reality show' 'in disguise?

It could be argued that this stimulates general activity and motivation, without which participants might just drift and meander - but it also hikes up the pressure again. No time for the really reflective types - action is what is called for! Frenetic action at that! If you miss a day then you find yourself running after the train as it disappears into the distance....

While we are all whizzing around like tops (those that have not already spun off into the stratosphere or fallen to Earth with a bump) is there a way of charting a calmer course, a way of identifying my own (maybe quieter, more 'ploddy' but focussed) PLE here?

...And perhaps less reflection and more moving on with the project to create something that will, hopefully, be valuable - to me , at least!  Also, see what I can contribute elsewhere - if there is time!


Is this MOOC like a giant spidergram - with thought processes spinning off in all directions - and its up to you which ones you pursue? But the practicalities are: you need to at least know/become a bit familiar with what the options are before you can make choices and make the MOOC experience 'your own' . 'All freedom is no freedom at all'? And 'overload' quickly becomes 'overwhelm'....

Its very easy to get lost in here - both in terms of materials and time. 'Dip in and dip out' is difficult - skills in organization (personal) and self-discipline essential!

Is my concern about badges being made public really about what the badges indicate (what sort of quality, proactivity, etc) or is it just my cynicism about this? Will others not take these as seriously as I imagine: maybe they are just 'indicators' not 'guarantees', of more use/motivation to the holder than the reader... (Then why make them public, I wonder?)

We'll see.... more ruminations later!



Lesley Shield
10:18pm 22 January 2013

I have to say I agree with you, Anne. I have concerns about public badging, pressure and 'reputation' (which I've decided is another version of Facebook 'friends'. It may be a generational thing but... I don't know if you noticed, but there's all sorts of info about the privacy of your badge - which is odd, given it's appended to your profile. Mine, as it turns out, is so private that Mozilla tells me it hasn't been awarded, despite it sparkling under my profile pic! All you say about ownership and time rings a very loud bell, too. Dipping in and out is hard. - I lose the thread along with the momentum, and I would like to have the time to work out my own PLE. Projects are quite difficult if your PLESs don't overlap, too. Thanks for a thought-provoking post.

Anne Bradbury
9:34am 23 January 2013

Thanks for the feedback, Lesley.

I've been looking at Mozilla Privacy Policy for badges as a result and (if I've read it correctly) 'public' is deemed to be anything beyond this (OLDS MOOC) environment, so doesn't cover display to other MOOC participants. The only way you seem to be able to stop that is by deleting your badge/s from the Backpack (and once deleted they cannot be re-instated without agreement from your Issuer ie. OLDS MOOC in this case.

This doesn't give me the control on privacy that I was expecting - or want.

Any other views on this?



Clem WIlkinson
11:54am 24 January 2013

I completely agree with you on time, dipping in and out, the need for organisation and self-discipline. I am finding it an interesting experience although perhaps a little too frantic. So, I would be interested in a slightly more 'ploddy' learning environment (PLE?) ;) .

From what I have read and heard about Mozilla Open Badges so far, I am in favour of them as a concept. I believe that they have a lot of potential but, that we are only starting to learn how they might be used to best effect.

It has been my impression that once awarded, the badge would be in my backpack and then I could choose where to display it publicly, or not. However, I can also see that from an issuers point of view they may wish to display learners' accomplishments. Something to be in the Terms & Conditions perhaps (but who reads those)?

Personally, I would prefer to be able to choose whether to add badges to my profile description or not. If they are added by default, I feel one's profile could start to look very messy.

I'm now off for a further look at the Learning Design toolbox. Perhaps I can qualify for the Resource Gather's badge, and then decided whether to apply for it. My concern here it that it is based on adding three new pieces of content (to that which has been built up since Sept. 2009). Does this equate to value? What about reviewing existing content that may have been surpassed or simply no longer exists?

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