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Marie's scenario for learning design

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Marie Arndt
21 January 2013

  I have only started by doing the rough outline to my scenario as I still have to think about the actual design. This is the hardest part as I have to start from scratch. May ideas are floating about, but they have to be realistic within the context in which it is intended. As I am using a very real situation, this may prove to be more of a challenge than I have bargained for, but I am going to try. 

The large number of students and the unreliable internet network are the main problems to try to overcome. 


1) Brainstorm components of your scenario

Actors: Eve, 48, a lecturer in English. She is frustrated because her expertise is not utilized fully in her workplace. She is particularly eager to develop online learning.

Ahmed, 49, with a Moroccan/Scandinavian background, is Senior Manager for Engineering programme at the college. He is not happy with his employment terms and conditions and is considering returning to Europe after the current academic year. He wants to improve the level of English among the engineering students.

Khalil, 55, Head of the engineering Department at the college. He is mainly interested in that students complete their studies well, including their written projects. His English proficiency is limited.

Caroline, 34, from the Philippines, is a lecturer in the Engineering Department. She was hired at the beginning of the current academic year and is considered the star in the department by Ahmed, who hired her.

Goals: Eve wants to improve her job satisfaction by getting involved with curriculum development involving IT, and reduce her teaching duty.

Ahmed wants to improve the standards of engineering students’ English proficiency to enable them to produce better written work.

Khalil wants the engineering students to be assisted with their English writing for engineering assignments.

Caroline wants her students to be able to complete assignments better, especially by improving their writing and academic skills in English.

Settings: The action happens in a Higher College of Education in Oman. The Engineering programme at this college is the only one of its kind offered in the country. There are over 120 students enrolled in the programme; their first language is Arabic. None of their teachers are native English speakers, but from Arabic countries, India and the Philippines, some with fairly limited English proficiency. All teaching is supposed to be conducted in English, all course material is in English and all the work by students must be presented in English.

The college has an LMS (Blackboard), computer suites, wireless connections throughout the campus, but the network is extremely unreliable, as internet connections are often disrupted on a daily basis. Most students have smartphones with internet connections, and many have their own computers, but they do not bring them to college regularly.     


Objects: computers, mobile phones, overhead projector, webcam

Actions: Eve has a chat to Ahmed one day and he tells her that not only he but also the Dean is concerned about the poor standard of English. Ahmed suggests that he will talk to the Dean about developing a support programme of English for the engineering students and that Eve should be involved. To be able to support the number of students involved Eve suggests a blended learning approach.

Events: Both the Dean and the Head of Engineering must be convinced that a process is necessary to put in place, not just a ‘quick fix’ where English lecturers proofread work by engineering students and corrected. A questionnaire will be prepared to ask both lecturers and students in the Engineering department to establish perceived difficulties, needs and possible solutions. A suggested strategy will be outlined and then discussed with all concerned. A pilot project will be implemented before rolling out on a larger scale.

Results: The desired result is that students improve their subject-specific English proficiency, and that they acquire writing skills to be able to write assignments, but also that they learn how to do it, so that they can also do it in their future workplace.

Eve will hopefully have more job satisfaction. Students will achieve course requirements better.

Your design: The design will be an integral part of engineering studies. It aims to expand subject-specific vocabulary, academic writing skills, especially for writing reports, description of processes relating to engineering.  


Extra content

Learning Design

Vocabulary list, with some definitions given and some that the students have to find themselves. The vocabulary will be essential for understanding the following video clip

Followed by

Video clip downloaded from YouTube related to engineering, about the building of Burj Arab in Dubai. 

After having watched the videoclip:

Students write notes about what they have watched. 

Write a commentary on the videoclip, in which they should:

Give an overview what the clip is about.

Describe the situation and context in the clip

Describe engineering problems highlighted in the clip 

Explain any processes described in the clip.

Explain how engineering problems highlighted in the clip are solved

Explain what the clip teaches you about engineering.


Write up your comments to the questions and save in a folder. Upload to the group page and share when available,

Download and read at least three other contributions.

Respond to what you have read in other students' contributions. Do you agree or disagree with their comments about the clip? Give reasons why?

Lecturer gives feedback to students on their work and summing up either online or f2f, depending on the practical situation.


Learning outcomes:


expand their subject- related vocabulary,

improve their listening comprehension,

practice and improve their analytical skills,

practice to give constructive criticism


Learning context:

I have designed this to make it possible to fulfill a lot of this without having to rely on internet connection at all times. I have in this case chosen a video clip that relates to a topic that students in the Gulf can relate to, the construction of a building in Dubai. This short extract of a learning design should be seen in the context of an ongoing process of improving students' various skills in communicating in English. Variations of this process will be to offer a range of clips, pictures and talks (podcasts)  for students' scrutiny and response. It is intended for students who have passed their foundation year and are now studying their chosen subject, engineering, at degree level.    


Result for actors:

Eve will have more job satisfaction as she will be involved in the process of developing the learning design.

Ahmed, Khalil and Caroline will see improvement in students' performance in their engineering studies.



Marie Arndt
07:06 on 22 January 2013 (Edited 07:10 on 22 January 2013)

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