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Hweeshan's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal: Week 2 - Objectives & Plans

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Tay Hwee Shan
21 January 2013

This week is about contexts and creating scenarios. It's about the "people" factor of the design.

Coming from a technical and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) background, this is definitely not foreign to me, and I see many similar concepts, theories and frameworks being used here and in traditional HCI design projects.

Therefore, this week, my objectives and plans would be to:

1. Compare and contrast Contextual Approaches in Learning Design (as described in this weeks' activities) with HCI design processes - particularly User Centered Design (UCD).

2. Develop scenario for a project (either the project I have decided upon joining, or another personal project on hand).

3. Go through at least one of new frameworks / tools being presented in the Week 2 outline (persona, force maps, EoR analysis & representation, document use of alternative approach) and pick a suitable one.

4. Review scenario and revise as necessary.

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