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Will Pollard - Introduce Myself

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Will Pollard
21 January 2013

This cloud started as the cloudscape "Introduce Yourself" was linked to in Week 2. I am finding the numbers of clouds and cloudscapes quite confusing. They were never designed for this in the first place.

I am interested in quality management and communication, used to be print.

I will add various blogs later

Extra content

I reaqlise I already have a portfolio so not sure this cloud is needed.

I think I will use the portfolio to provide the evidence I have done the tasks.

This one as more of a blog.

I don't think Cloudworks was originally designed to cope with the sort of thing this MOOC is becoming.

I am putting all new content that relates to the video project in the original cloud.

starting up a new one will just spread more confusion



Will Pollard
11:11 on 21 January 2013

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