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Mitja's OLDS MOOC Week 1 Reflection

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Mitja Podreka
21 January 2013

Although the week was short and the course has only just begun, it provided me with a crucial lesson for my/our project.
As a system administrator I’m fairly confident in the use of web technologies, but the cacophony of web tools and services that we ended up using this week have induced in me the the feelings that most likely pervade the majority of teachers in their first steps and attempts in e-learning.
Although (except Cloudworks) these tools were not new to me, and some of them I use quite regularly, the excitement and the responsibilities of the task ahead, made the whole thing a bit daunting.
It was a long time ago, that I made my first steps with Moodle, a VLE for which I would like to make an introductory course and create peer support community at our institution, and in these years I’ve completely forgot the feelings of anxiety and frustration that I experienced when I was given a server and told to make Moodle work. In most cases the teachers are faced with the same daunting task; they are given an username and password, and told to make e-learning work for their students.
As Peter Norvig said in his TED talk [1] about their first MOOC: “Peers can be the best teachers, because they're the ones that remember what it's like to not understand.”
I was lucky to be reminded about this in the first week of OLDS MOOC.

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