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Frances D - personal plan for week 2

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Frances Deepwell
21 January 2013

OK, week 2 of the mooc is nearly over, but I've been thinking a lot off-line about my dream project and how to bring it about. 

I have set up two complementary working groups to help bring the online course into being - the first is a team of experienced practitioners, with specialist expertise in areas of content relevant to academic advising in higher education. This group exists off-line, with a first meeting in early February, and I will be adapting the content we already have in google, so that all members of the group can see/comment and build on what we have.

The second group is a group of close colleagues. I will follow - where possible -  the pattern of engagement of the mooc to support how we develop the design and activities of the project. During this week (calendar week rather than course week) it is my intention to start to share outline designs with this group.

So we can see that, within the mooc, I haven't yet found a suitable study group. I will keep an eye on one that is around DIY audio/video since I may be setting this up for the specialists to add snippets of multimedia to the largely textual resource that we have.

I've listened to the weekly introduction and browsed the ecology of resources. Whilst I agree that context is highly important, and I also agree that significant are the relations between the learner and their context (people, places, things) - I am not sure how thinking about this specifically at this stage will help me to design a better course. However, I wholeheartedly embrace the idea of a learning scenario and will be writing one or two to start bringing some reality into the learning design.

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