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Reflection on Week One

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Stephen Wheeler
21 January 2013

Time, as always, is the problem with these things.
With pressures of work and home it's not always possible to work through the activities as and when they're scheduled. As a result, I was a bit behind the game when it came to teaming-up, finding and starting a study circle and the "convergence" live session.
Though I was a bit behind when doing the activities, the activities themselves didn't take-up a great deal of time and I found it easier to put the work in to do them offline during natural downtime like when I'm commuting on the train everyday.
From my personal circumstance, having major activities on the weekend is useless to me: I find it harder to devote time on the weekends to this sort of thing than I do during the week. It is a pain for me but I understand why the week is designed this way. It's just something I have to live with.
Where I need to spend the effort from now on is in trying to do the activities at the appropriate time. I've not got off to good start with this effort as I'm already way behind with Week Two already. I'll try and get up to date with this week and get back on schedule for Week Three.

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