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João Henriques: scenarios

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João Henriques
21 January 2013

Paulo is middle age a worker. He works during the day but he has free time at night.  He is a shy person but he pretends to use this free time on something more useful than watching tv.

Paulo is a very shy person with a great lack of self-confidence, he intends to do something to improve as a person, to increase his self confidence. He intends to do something to help him overcome his lack of confidence.

Paulo does not like to watch TV. At night he spends a few hours surfing the internet through his laptop. With his experience he dominates the web 2.0. Paulo knows to use the laptop, phone, tablet, course platform, social media and email.

Paulo, one day, sees an advertisement of an online self-help program. On this online self-help program Paulo hasn’t to go to any classroom session. All the learning of this program is online and the students don’t have to be, in person, at any session.

As Paulo does not have to be face to face with anyone, He adventures himself and enlisted in this self-help program.

Paulo receive a password to access a website and through this site, begins to receive information about what he should do to overcome his shyness and improve their self-esteem.  During the program he has to present himself, online, to the colleagues. He has to explain to his colleagues why it is so difficult to him interact with other people.

Paulo, through the techniques of self-help, he learned in the program he is enlisted, already overcome his shyness and is more confident. Paulo thinks he is already able to meet with their colleagues from the program.

The program that Paul will attend will help him overcome his shyness, Will introduce him to techniques that will make him a sociable person and will help him overcoming his fears, Over the time Paul becomes a more confident person.



I’m claiming:

- The intro for the Program will interest people who want increase his self esteem.

- The intro for week 2 will communicate a task that should motivate people who his shy to make an effort to socialize with other - at least to introduce himself to the others.

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Meg Colasante
7:19am 25 January 2013

Hi João,

Sounds like a worthwhile endevour. Have you got a set range of resources to help support the course, ie: will resources available assist or restrict the learning aims of week 1 & 2?

Regards, Meg

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