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Lesley's learning journey, 21st January 2013

Life is a cabaret if not a box of chocolates

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Lesley Shield
21 January 2013

So, you ask, what happened to 19th and 20th? Two things:

  1. Life, in the form of an exam marking coordination exercise
  2. Loss of motivation brought on by overload.
  3. No response to my badge application - not even a rejection!

Well, have you got your mojo back, you ask? Not really. I'm not a huge fan of scenarios and I'm skirting around the topic at the moment. Maybe once the exam marking's out of the way my enthusiasm for looking at the MOOC might return. I did rather expect a 'dip' at some point, but maybe not quite so soon.

On the positive side, I've been discussing the learning circle with a colleague - we're not sure how best to encourage people to join. Should we follow up those who expressed an interest in our ideas initially, some of whom follow us, or should we wait for them to come to us? It's difficult. We don't know how to contact them individually, though we could, doubtless, track them down easily enough - but that would feel (and be?) a bit stalkerish! So many ethical issues to think about. However, I will find time to look at learning design - eventually!

Great boost to receive a piece of positive feedback on my weekly update piece - thank you, it made my day and may even have encouraged me not to give up ;-)

More tomorrow... perhaps.

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Joshua Underwood
12:12am 22 January 2013

Thanks Lesley, your learning journal is full of useful learnings :-)

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