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Alice Week 1 learning reflection

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Alice (Xin) Huang
21 January 2013

Learning outcomes

  • Explore a variety of definitions of learning design
  • Initiate own learning/curriculum design project
  • Define learning design, as a field of research and a practice
  • Identify some of the grand challenges of using a learning design approach to the design of learning in the 21st Century
  • Identify specific topics of interest for further exploration

My goal for the first week is to get my head around the MOOC learning process and achieve above learning outcomes. I have done a lot of thinking and reflecting and compare what I read both from the course material and discussion board to my own context.  I have got a lot of new ideas and want to try out on my project.  I got lost for a while trying to find my post in google group discussion, so many new thread initiated by participant, althought tutor re-emphsis the rule of participating in the forum, like no new thread if it is the same topic, but lots of students still ignore that and start a new thread. When I labor through all the trheads and can't find my post, I felt frustrating but I kind of starting to appreciate what the tutors of online course having gone through. And this tells me something when I design online course in the future, how to design a discussion forum activity that will minimise these kind of confusion. 

So to me, I think the most important thing for successful online course design is to get student motivated!! If students just come to the course for the sake of participating, observing and they don't have a strong motivation for the course, then they might highylikely drop out. 

One thought on reflection, or critical reflective journal required by this course:

I think I am  not really a reflective learner, not that I don't like reflection, but to write my reflection down in English, not my native language is a challenge, it might took twice as much as what a native speaker to do the same job. I wonder a MOOC course like this scale targeting worldwide participant, is it feasible for us to write in our own lanuage and still can apply for badget? If that is possible, I will be more motivated to do so. 

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Yishay Mor
12:31am 22 January 2013

Hi Alice, 

If you write in your native language, we will try to use automated translation and see if it makes sense.


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