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Week 2 thoughts on persona approach

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Alice (Xin) Huang
22 January 2013

Nielsen (2013) describes the role personas in the design process: In the design process, we begin to imagine how the product is to work and look before any sketch is made or any features described. If the design team members have a number of persona descriptions in front of them while designing, the personas will help them maintain the perspective of the users. The moment the designers begin to imagine how a possible product is to be used by a persona, ideas will emerge. Thus, I maintain that the actual purpose of the method is not the persona descriptions, but the ability to imagine the product. In the following, I designate these product ideas as scenarios. It is in scenarios that you can imagine how the product is going to work and be used, in what context it will be used, and the specific construction of the product. And it is during the work with developing scenarios that the product ideas emerge and are described. The persona descriptions are thus a means to develop specific and precise descriptions of products.

I am so glad when I read these information, I used to do analysis on my target audience, and complete an audience description, but I always feel that not enought, something is missing! And now I realise that taking the persona approach will provide more comprehensive understand of our target group. And this is really practical and easy to put into practice!  I definately will use it in my work,  


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Week 2 introduction

Week 2 introduction

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