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Investigating multiple strategies

To make students think about when to apply which strategy, give them a realistic problem and let them investigate the strategies for themselves.

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15 April 2008

If you want teachers to learn about different strategies for assessing pupils and you start by presenting the strategies one after the other, they may end up with little idea of when to apply each one. This team instead gave groups students a realistic problem: for example, parents at their school are complaining about the stress caused by repeated maths tests, and the Head of Maths has asked the students to come up with a new plan for maths assessment in the school. Each group then investigated a range of 22 assessment strategies through multimedia resources, including for each strategy video of real classroom use, sample pupil work, and comments from teachers and experts. They then presented their findings, in role as a new teacher in the school, with the rest of the class taking the role of other members of staff, parents, or others as appropriate. The collaborative element was important to encourage students to articulate and defend their growing understanding of assessment issues. [Anthony Herrington, Len Sparrow, Jan Herrington, Ron Oliver]

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