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Week 1-Reflection: Dan McC

Mixed views...

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Dan McCaffrey
22 January 2013

Some immediate thoughts following my limited engagement with this MOOC (my first experience of such) over the last 10 days:

-Effectively any learning to be gleaned from participation has to be "crowd sourced", as the tutor role as only vaugely transmissive, and in fact only nominally facilitatory (unless I'm missing something!). In other words, the qulaity of the experience as only as good as the other participants, not just in terms of the extent of there learning but also in relation to here ability to contextually articulate that knowledge.

-It strikes me consequently that MOOC's may work best in non "massive" contexts, but rather be situated within Communities of Practice where there is already a common understanding of both the idioms, context and purpose of a particular episode of learning.

-Likewise it strikes me that the degree of self-direction and/or communication skills required mean MOOC environments may best be situated in post-graduate contexts; Certainly I can't imagine that those disenfranchised from learning and/or technology would find it possible to engage effectively.

-Thus far, I'm not particularly enamoured of Cloudworks, it feels quite cumbersome and non-inutuitive but I'm happy to accept that may just be me!

Cheers, Dan

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