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My plans for week 2

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Stephen Wheeler
22 January 2013

At the start of this week's activities, other than a "common sense" understanding, I don't really understand what is meant by "learner context". I certainly want to discuss with my fellow MOOCers the meaning, importance and uses of learner context.

I've put the week's activities into my calendar ( and I hope to catch up with the schedule of the course by the end of the week.


  • Gain some insight for the design of my project (course re-design for eLearning).
  • Explore and develop a view about context.

Assessment and Evaluation

  • Do the new concepts I have explored add to the quality of my design project?
  • I will have developed an opinion about and have a better understanding of context.
  • I will reflect on how the activities of the week have changed, if at all, my thoughts on my design project.

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