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Reflection on oldsmooc_w2 by Arthur Oglesby

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Art Oglesby
22 January 2013

Week 2: Inquire


Navigating the the hundreds of clouds is probably overwhelming for many. I suggested creating a site map of the many pages on the OLDSMOOC website and possibly for Cloudscapes, too. These are usually autogenerated by PHP or other scripts and only make sense if the page hierachy was constructed properly. I did a quick Navigation Tool that only went two layers down, but people said it exposed them to pages they were not aware of.

In spite of Digital Literacy being such a hot topic, I'm surprized at the lack of team collaboration. I can go solo, but will join with any others I can find.  I joined Digital Literacy communities set up by Howard Rheingold and Simon Walker @ DigitalLiteracyinHigherEducation &

My attempt to contribute in the Tues hangout failed due to low upload bandwidth.

I plan to revisit my context, personas, scenarios, and force maps next week.

I  signed up for and learned to use GliffyNetVibesLucidChart, & Bottlenose and did the activities below.

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