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Week 2 learning reflection: thoughts on project team work

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Alice (Xin) Huang
22 January 2013

Week 1 is easy for me, just wrote something about myself and my dream project. It is getting a bit harder when it is time to team up, I couldn't find a way to communicate with those participants who show interests in my project, and got lost a bit in the google discussion board, so I went on with my other commitments, like just took 2 days, that I felt completely out of the context, I couldn't find where I was with the course, and when I read week 2 activities, I already missed some important I think, dam, I got left behind...and don't know howo to get back on track, I have made some attempts to relocate myself in the course, but felt like I am an outsider now. So I was seriously contemplating quitting the course. Espeically when I read my colleague's quitting journal, I thought it imight be time for me to quit as well and get back to my comfort life, just let you know, in New Zealand, we are having nice and hot summer, blue sky, fresh green every where and scent of freshed mowed grass  on golf course, it is just too tempting to give up and embrace Wellington on a good day:-) 

Just at that crucial moment, I got an email from Chris, the team mate of our dream project. He started week2's task and working on persona, I went to our cloudscape immediately, and got hooked by his narration. And I sunddenly feel I know what to do next step,  so I just jumped in and start working, going through the week material, and I can say now I am really glad I am back, so thank you very much Chris. 

The other thing got me motivated is about tutor's follow up. I wrote a journal yesterday, in last paragraph, I complained a lit about having to use English (Second language) to write jounal, I wish I can use Chinese to do so. I didn't expect any response. But in the same day I got a comment from Yishay Mor, he gives me permission to write in Chines, and they are going to go through all the trouble by using automated translation system to understand my journal. I was so impressed by the supportive attitute tutor has for the students. I tried google translator before, it does an average job, but not to the level I expected. So I choose to write in English, so I can share with wider group and get feedback from each other, this is also part of my learning experience. I guess what I try to say is that tutor's immediate response is an important factor to keep remote student motivated. 

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