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Persona, factors and concerns, and force map for Developing learning literacies to practice meetings more effectively scenario

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Cathie Jackson
22 January 2013

Joe had already developed a well thought-through scenario. I've used this to write a persona for Sarah the subject librarian (I realise now I should have done a persona for each of the players), looked at factors and concerns (only really for Sarah) and created an attempt at a force map. Not sure that it tells me very much, but hopefully all will become clear in future weeks!

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Jane Challinor
2:31pm 23 January 2013

Hi Cathie

I like your force map - it is much freer being hand drawn and I wish I'd done that. Did you find the process useful i.e did it allow new understandings to emerge - or did it reinforce what you already felt?


Cathie Jackson
3:55pm 23 January 2013

Hi Jane

Thanks for you kind comments on my messy force map :) Much easier for me to follow the process by hand (and a chance to get those felt tip pens out :) ) 

When I first tried it I got a bit lost as to what the forces should be, but then found the YouTube videos of the OLDS MOOC workshop, showing how our facilitators worked their force maps though, very helpful. I noticed that they didn't bother with all the detail we were recommended to go in with the persona, but jumped straight to the force map and that gave me the confidence to introduce the other actors despite not completing a persona for them (beyond what Joe had described).

Really good question about whether I found it useful or whether it reinforced what I already felt. I would say the latter for "Sarah" who I'd already thought through with a full persona etc, but found the force map useful for understanding more about the other actors (perhaps I'm saying that the detailed persona/factors and concerns process and the force map process are almost alternatives rather than one being the necessary step towards the other).

So now we have some context, I'll look forward to what to do next, in week 3!

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