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[Catherine] : EoR phase 1

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Catherine El-Bez
22 January 2013

Focus down

  • The  main objective of my design is to help/support the participants to reflect on the digital literacy skills acquired and during the MOOC in their PLE.  The goal is to help them to compile their learning artifacts to their e-portfolio in order to submit it for a certification.
  • This initial focus is prompted by:   
    - my own experience of submitting a learning eportfolio    
    (I’ve done this exercise 2 times, one for a OU module and one to get a teaching certification)
    I remember how it was difficult to write reflective commentary, to perform the compilation by selecting the right artifacts according to the skills framework, and the way to present them inside the eporfolio)   
    - my interests in supporting both reflections on learning and managing learning digital artifacts
    - my interests considering eportfolio as a good way to assess a cMOOC experience
    - my experience with the tool Mahara

Knowledge and/or Skills you want learners to develop and knowledge and skills that are helpful in developing the target knowledge & skills.

  • understands learning outcomes
  • understands the importance of digital literacy skills and PLE for their future career
  • autonomy, self-regulation, independent
  • self-awareness, knowledge, esteem and confidence
  • manages their time
  • technical skills
  • be able to reflect on their learning
  • reflective and critical thinking and writing
  • articulate/present their skills and achievements to third parties

People that can help learners

  • Course facilitators
    Course Advisor
    Technical team associated with the MOOC
    IT department / Librarians
    other fellow students / group of study
    people from social networks

Tools that may help people involved act towards the objectives

- computer, any connected devices to access the MOOC and eportfolio
- moodle, mahara, website,
- communication  and collaboration tools : email, discussion forum, wiki, web 2.0 tools, external applications and environments,  etc.
- personal tools that constitutes their PLE
- Available documentations : templates to support reflection, guidelines, skills framework

Features of the physical and temporal Environment that may be helpful

- WiFi network at Uni
-access of course resources and tools
-online (at home / campus, anywhere), during the day or evening, between short-long time
- on any connected devices (computer, mobile device, tablet, etc.)
- online/live interaction with experts/other fellow students
-face-to-face interaction (information meetings, personalized feedback with advisor/tutor)
- institution recognition of the importance for students to develop Digital literacy skills




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EoR phase 1: learner context model for MOOC participant

EoR phase 1: learner context model for MOOC participant

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