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Scenario development using branching techniques

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Frances Deepwell
23 January 2013

My time to learn is always compromised, and when I start to read any of the threads in the olds-mooc googlegroup I get drawn into so many interesting ideas and links that colleagues have posted up, but then tend to flit from one to the other - forgetting my journey, and sometimes losing the thread of my original spark. What I wanted to capture from today, however, is a marker to myself to consider using decision trees/branching to establish some scenario learning as part of the academic adviser online course.

This has come from a link from Kelly Edmonds to her own blog  - it wasn't the latest mooc posting, about the Ecology of Resources framework, but rather an earlier one posted there  which in turn links to a 2010 posting by her on interactivity:  "Interactivity could include interactive scenarios, practical applications and exercises, and ‘what would you do’ cases. A great example:" - the feedback she has received from commentators is universally positive, the technique uses comic-strips and draws on the real interactions that US soldiers talk about when negotiating cultural barriers (in this scenario, in Afghanistan). This harks back to things I was involved in many years ago, and I can see parallels for my own current learning design context - just need time to explore in more detail...


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