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OLDS-MOOC Week 3: Sharing and reflections

Cloud created by:

Rebecca Galley
23 January 2013

In this Cloud you can share the representations and visualisations you have developed this week and post a link to your individual reflection blog here. Use the discussion space to discuss your experiences and reflections with others on the MOOC.

Alternatively you may choose to start a new discussion Cloud on a particular theme and add it to the main OLDS-MOOC Week 3: Ideate Cloudscape.

Things you mght like to consider:

  • What three words describe this week's activities?
  • What did you like about this week?
  • What could be improved?

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Chris Basson
10:09am 29 January 2013

Gráinne Conole
11:16am 29 January 2013

Thanks for your reflections Chris very interesting! Glad that you liked the practical focus of this week. Sorry about the broken links!

Ida Brandão
5:51pm 29 January 2013

Much of the learning material and LD tools made available up till now are new to me, so it's been useful this experimentation and it's been fun to have the opportunity to apply these tools to my project ..

As I have the project design in my head,  this application has not been difficult.

Unfortunately, there's no time to apply all tools, but they stay in place for future usage.

Tiffany Crosby
6:23pm 29 January 2013

I found the tools incredibly helpful. I was able to work with the course profile and course map. I have plans to use the activity profile in the near future. I think these three together give a pretty good initial framework. I've been able to aggregate all the work down to date to my dream learning proposal cloud. It's really coming to life.

David Jennings
11:44am 30 January 2013

I've given my answers to the three questions and added some more wide-ranging reflections at

Sheila MacNeill
7:44pm 30 January 2013

I haven't done as much as I'd like this week but have a bit of a train of thought/reflection thing going on in my cloud for this week including my responses to the 3 questions.

Alice (Xin) Huang
8:23pm 30 January 2013 (Edited 8:23pm 30 January 2013)

My reflection of week 2 is at including my response to above three questions.


Clare Gormley
10:53pm 30 January 2013 (Edited 10:54pm 30 January 2013)

My reflection of Week 3, which includes answers to the above questions, is at

Jonathan Vernon
2:55pm 31 January 2013

Visualization, conceptualisation, planning ... 

I had fun with the Activity Cards. did the Goodle Spreadsheet, followed the Hangout and got immersed in the 7Cs.

I started a discussion in eLearning Global Network on Linkedin which woke a few folk up and has been easier to follow in Cloudworks - I get lost every time I come here. I can never fine the links, the threaded discussion or even the OLDs MOOC itself :( 

I know academics don't see themselves as 'selling' but its a commercial and v. busy world so push with enthusiasm what you've got. I may have planned to do more had the week been introduced as a smorgasbord from which we may be expected to do three or four things - but not the lot. I think after two days I was still on the first part of Thursday and decided to stick with that and come back to the rest of it another time.




Ann Davis
1:34pm 2 February 2013

I thought the Activity Cards and Course Map would be very helpful in the beginning stages of designing a course.  Since the cards have a very broad base, I think I mihgt work on a customized set that would work better in my current corporate environment.  I shared the information with others at my job.

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