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4. 7Cs Slideshare presentation by Grainne Conole

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Rebecca Galley
23 January 2013

Watch and discuss Grainne's presentation of the 7Cs design framework here or in the Google group discussion.

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7Cs Slideshare presentation by Grainne Conole

7Cs Slideshare presentation by Grainne Conole

added by Rebecca Galley


Helen Crump
12:39pm 25 January 2013 (Edited 2:04pm 25 January 2013)

On Grainne's slide representing pedagogical approaches the word vicarious jumped out at me. I've been thinking about something like this as being appropriate to supporting online learning, and the development of a student's online identity. Just going to have to figure out what it means exactly and what it involves practically. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what a "vicarious" pedagogical approach is exactly. I've never heard of it before. Thanks Helen

Chris Basson
1:06pm 25 January 2013


I'm having trouble to open the link on the page. Is it only me or are there other people with the same problem?



Art Oglesby
1:36pm 25 January 2013


The link below the embed works for me (in my Chrome browser)


Gráinne Conole
10:37am 26 January 2013

Hi Helen

I picked up the concept of vicarious learning from Terry Mayes. He described how he had students learning from each other. Students would watch videos created by other students explaining a concept. Will see if I can find a link to something about it.

Gráinne Conole
11:17am 26 January 2013

Here is a paper on vicarious learning

Gráinne Conole
11:23am 26 January 2013

Also this paper might be useful

Gráinne Conole
11:31am 26 January 2013

Nice quote from Terry Mayes on Vicarious learning , he draws on Bandura's use of the phrase: i.e.

Bandura’s term vicarious learning - is that through technology we are now able to capture, store and retrieve the records and outputs of real learning episodes, and to make these available for new learners. 

Ida Brandão
11:36am 27 January 2013

Dear Grainne,

I found the slideshare an interesting one. I think that some of the approaches can be mingled, i.e. when I think of a constructivist approach, I think as well of situated learning and collaborative learning, or e-assessment as formative, peer feedback, eportfolio, reflective.

I think that Bandura's self-efficacy is also acheved when people are in an online learning and get the satisfaction and gain the confidence to work on something new and are successful in the learning outcomes -

Your storyboard organizer gave me the idea to adopt it to my project. I'm going to use Glogster.

Gráinne Conole
11:46am 27 January 2013

Thanks Ida and agree you can mix things up - the course features just helps you think about the different approaches you can adopt in the design. Thanks for the link and also Glogster not come across that before will take a look!

Jeff Waistell
1:17pm 28 January 2013

I find the presentation offers a helpfu distillation of things we need to consider. Having said that, perhaps the linear structure does not really match reality - it is more a more messy and dynamic interaction between those elements, with systems impacts between the elements. Additionally, design is not always so rational and logical - what about organisational politics and power playing a part? What do you think? Best regards, Jeff

Alice (Xin) Huang
11:09pm 28 January 2013

I love the presentation. One question, when I download the PPT document, the audio narration did come along, is this the intention?


Xin (Alice)

Alice (Xin) Huang
11:10pm 28 January 2013

I love the presentation. One question, when I download the PPT document, the audio narration did come along, is this the intention?


Xin (Alice)

Gráinne Conole
8:56am 29 January 2013



Totally agree it is not a linear process, it is very much iterative and messy but the framework does at least articulate the different elements. One can start anywhere in the cycle. So for example one teacher might start with Capture by identifying the resources they are going to use, another might start with the Learning Outcomes, and a third might begin by focusing on the nature of the learners. 

Gráinne Conole
8:57am 29 January 2013

Hi I think when you download the presentation the audio doesnt come too? Not sure tbh!

Marie Arndt
2:38pm 10 February 2013

Good overview in the presentation. Thought of using videoclips for enhancement of English for engineering students. Aspects of the vicarious learner would be useful in that context I think.

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