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AMS: Evaluation Scenario

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Ana Margarida Santos
23 January 2013

Contextualise my projet using scenarios

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1) Brainstorm components of my scenario

Actors: (who is involved?)

Kate, 36th, teaches Biochemistry to the 1st year of Nursing. The class is composed of 8 students aged from 18 to 32.


Goals: (why?)

Kate wants to use Moodle (technology) and it’s tools to motivate her students to learn biochemistry.  The students want to succeed Biochemistry.


Settings: (where & when?)

The action happens in the classroom and in Moodle.


Objects: (what things are involved?)

Computer, overhead projector, regulations, books


Actions:  (what do actors do?)

Kate planes her curricular unit in the beginning of the semester taking in account the different themes (biomolecules and metabolism). She begins to create a Guide for the curricular unit that allows the student to manage his/her work in the semester. In each issue, Kate creates support documents and worksheets. Beyond that, she teaches 60 hours of classes, prepares the curricular unit in Moodle, follow the development of student’s work in Moodle, clarifies doubts of the students, evaluates the work of each student and gives a final grade.

Students must be present in the majority of the classes and fulfill with the proposed activities.


Events: (what happens to actors?)

Kate come to the conclusion that despite all the planning that she did in the beginning and the follow-up, the students continue to express many difficulties in the assimilation/apprehension of the contents. She decides to make more practical classes and to create a grupo work and change the evaluation.

Student’s that have more difficulties begin not to follow-up the remain colleagues and begin to be indifferent. The rest continue to keep up with the themes because they invest in their study.

Results: (what is achieved?)Kate carry out with her function and students succeed.Your design:(what role does your design play?)To improve the motivation of the students and the success of the curricular unit 

2) Narrative scenario

Kate, 36, is a professor of higher education with a degree in Biochemistry. She has taught this scientific discipline over the last 10 years to 1st year students of various courses in Health (Nursing, Physiotherapy, Clinical Analysis and Public Health, Environmental Health). These students completed 12 years of schooling.

Kate, at the beginning of the school year, invests in the preparation of her discipline. Prepares a learning guide and the supporting documents. She also gives to the students bibliographic references. Furthermore, Kate expresses its willingness to clarify students doubts, not only during class, but also in extra-time school. But every year, there was a high percentage of students who could not succeed.

With the adoption of Moodle within the Institution and the frequency of some formations, Kate began to use it as a supplement to classroom. Not only has all the documentation available to students at the same time as it allows everyone to access the news the same way regardless of place and time. In addition, she also began to use the platform as a way to deliver paperworks and offered a space for questions and contact with the teacher. Students liked the platform but Kate found that some students never entered while others came quite often. So, she thought: How to motivate more students?

Kate, then thought of changing the form of evaluation in Nursing. She opted to do another test and a group work. This group work focused on a theme connected to the scientific reality of the course. More, she began to do more practical classes with exercises. Students felt more motivated to study Biochemistry and she had more success.

Ana Margarida Santos
15:36 on 23 January 2013

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