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Learning results week 2

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Esther Debus-Gregor
23 January 2013

Here 's what I came up with as a scenario. It has a very different setting from institutional learning, but is "education"-related nonetheless.

1) Brainstorm components of your scenario

Peter and Eva are independent corporate trainers and facilitators specializing in strategy workshops for HR and sales teams. They have a developed their own methodology for facilitating conflict and communication workshops. Both have been enthusiastic amateur photographers for may years.


They are exploring the use of video to help  participants better retain the learnings of the workshops and to integrate them into their everyday work practice. The videos should illustrate key concepts (e.g. the iceberg model) and tools that have been introduced in the workshop. To be presented by either Peter or Eva to make them more personal, also contain questions to prompt reactions on the part of the participants. Initiating discussions among themselves. Another key goal is to make the benefits of facilitation more evident to management who is sponsoring the workshops.


Peter and Eva imagine busy HR and sales executives viewing the videos in slack time or "on demand" when preparing for a difficult meeting or an innovation session. They envision a business model where workshop participants would have 1/2 year free access to the online video materials after the workshop.
They want to create the videos during the preparation of their next workshops, while planning and reviewing existing materials.    


Peter and Eva need equipment to record and produce the videos. They have to decide whether to invest in or rent any equipment.  An important decision to be made is on which service or platform  the videos will be made available.


Peter and Eva have been talking to providers of LMS and video production/hosting companies but found this is going to be way too expensive for their business (their customers might not be prepared to pay much in extra for the videos that they see as an optional add-on).
They've experimented with live recordings with a smartphone so they could learn about different presentation formats, and also tried out a video-editing software to combine live recordings with animations.
Before their next workshop they start brainstorming and writing the script of their first video.


While planning and working on a storyboard, Peter and Eva find that their ideas for visualizing key concepts, their particular approach and workshop results are very costly and time-consuming if they were to be filmed. They try their hand at animated photos and presentations created with rapid e-learning production tools but find that this adds no real value to their existing workshop materials.


Peter and Eva realize that they will have to create high-quality to stick out against similar, but free-for-all content seen on YouTube and Vimeo.

Your design:

Peter and Eva need technical advice on how to create, deploy and market the videos. Given their focus on personal development they also need to learn more about their participants' real use of the videos.
The idea is to develop a robust method that would integrate video production with their other tools.

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