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Day 1

23 January 2013

My first day of the MOOC

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Aurelie Owens
23 January 2013

It's Day 1 for me and I've managed to introduce myself and set-up this cloudspace.

I'm a very late joiner to the MOOC and I feel like I have a LOT to catch up on. I am hoping colleagues will join me in this little learning 'adventure'.

Who am I?
I'm a Learning Technologist in the UK. I have been working with TEL / e-Learning for over six years, mainly managing a VLE (Moodle) platform and training staff and students to use it.

I'm French so English is not my first language I hope MOOC colleagues will excuse any mistake or weird grammar, etc.

Why am I taking part in this MOOC?
As I said in my introductory post on the Google group, I would like to learn more about Learning Design, understand other people's role in the online learning domain and also experience a MOOC.

I hope to use this MOOC as a medium to develop a high quality, pedagogically-sound  VLE training curriculum, applying what I learn from the course and from others attending.

How will I know I acheived my objective?
Well I should be able to develop, with colleagues, learning material for our VLE.
I will also acheive my objectives if I can demonstrate, via discussions and in the development of the material/curriculum design, that I have a better understanding of good learning design and how to use 21st century technology to help the learner experience.
I do know this sounds a bit vague and generic, but I cannot give more details until I've gone throuh the course and develop clear ideas on learning design.

Joining late
I have spotted a handful of other late joiners so 'm glad I'm not the only late one and also glad that I eventually managed to get started.

Let's get started :-)

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