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Week 3 reflection: My thoughts on different approaches to design

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Alice (Xin) Huang
24 January 2013

  • Which part/s of the design do you usually think about first when you begin a new learning design? Do you start with – the learners, the technology, learning approach, previous designs, resource constraints, time constraints, institutional strategy, or ... ?

Whenever I start a new learning design, I always start with who the learners are, what challenges they are facing everyday, what issues they have in their everyday business practice Then I will look at what can be sovled by this learning design, what can be solved by other learning design, what is a performance issue, what can we do to connect learning with practice, what needs to be created as a follow up support for learners (things like job aids)  and what needs to put in place to ensure transfer of learning will happen. .( ---This is why I really enjoyed the week 2 topic, personas, contextualise learning project.  ) Then I can draw a concep map for the new leanring design. 

  • Where do your ideas originate? From colleagues, from conferences or events, from student data or feedback, from personal experience, from case studies, or ...?

When I worked for GlaxoSmithKline, my ideas of new learning design always originate from the discussion with colleagues, the managers/supervisors of the sales representatives and of couse sale people themselves. I aslo did a lot of co-visiting, and use that opportunity to observe potential learning needs. Then I will talk to the Marketing and sales directors to get an overall understanding of their strategy. With all of these information I would feel comfortable to start planning of the new learning design. 

Now I work for open polytechnic, an educational setting, one thing glaring missing is the learners, My end user: learner becomes invisible, this really makes me nervous.  I watched the video clips of week 2 showing how the tutor team working together to design MOOC, and the discussion you have about who are the audience for this course, this really helps me, I would try to use this method working with tutor and subject matter expert next time to get a better understand of our learners.  

  • What difficulties do you encounter when trying to describe your design ideas to colleagues or to yourself?

The biggest difficulity I had and have it to visualise the design concepts or design details to my colleauges, in my case, is the course tutors and key faculty memeber. (English is my second language which add one more difficult layer to it)

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