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My week 3 learning activities and reflections

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Sheila MacNeill
24 January 2013

Week 3 Learning outcomes

*Conceptualise the learning design process from different perspectives *Apply some learning design resources, tools and methods to your design *Critique a range of pedagogical approaches and the role that different technologies play *Review, share and discuss the theoretical underpinnings, benefits and limitations of design representations across educational contexts *Develop an innovative storyboard, learning activities and a structure for implementation *Opportunity to gain the 3 Weeks and Resource Gatherer badges (tick)

Sunday 27 Jan

I think these week clouds are becoming more and more like a confessional space for me. I am reminded of what I should be doing and the learning objectives of the week, and then reconciling that with what I am actually doing/ have done.

I had a bit of time of Thursday so after a look at the overall structure for the week started with the toolkit. I'm very fortunate that I have been able to follow the development of the OULDI and Viewpoints projects so am familiar with them. The toolkit was useful in terms of just seeing a representation of a small number of tools/resources/activities in the one place. I also added a couple of resources and updated one (the CogenT learning outcomes tool). Getting the badge was an added bit of fun, and as I said on twitter weirdly motivating

Of course, being me got distracted again by the "list" layout and the potential for some alternative representations, having thrown down the gauntlet of data challenges in the previous 2 weeks, there was demand for more:) This week was a bit simpler as I think there just needs some tweaking of the list view which should be relatively simple as there is a simple (manual) categorization. The storify (see link) captures some of the conversation.

Now off to trying and contribute to at least one discussion, try and think a bit more about my design. Ironically I don't think this week I'm going to be able to do much with my team, I think it will be more of an individual effort, but that's OK

#oldsmooc forgive me, it's been 3 days since my last entry into this cloud. I have spectacularly failed to move forward from Sunday. However in my defence as I said before I am familar with quite a few of the tools already. I have had a look at the discussion and sharing spaces and the responses just seem to confirm the appeal of visual design aids such as the card sort activity. I was also pleasantly pleased that a couple of the additions (the WIDE design template and the Widgat tool) I'd put into the toolbox were commented on, and most impressively used by a team. ( I've been able to share this with the team at Teesside who developed the tool and they have now joined cloudworks and invited the team to an event they are running at the end of Feb. I've also made my first contribution to discussion forums.

My response to the feedback questions:
What three words describe this week's activities?: practical, focused, challenging

What did you like about this week?: I was really looking forward to this week as it was more focused, however due to other "stuff" I haven't had the time I'd like to spend on it. But I did like getting the resource gather badge:-) and also a sense of helping others on the course as they used one of the tools I'd shared.

What could be improved? I am wondering if there was just a bit too much to do in one week? Ironically this is the first week I've not really had much contact with my team. Or maybe I'm just lazy.

Despite not moving actually moving my design idea forward the way the design of the week encouraged, I found that the time I have been able to spend on this has really helped me to think about what how the resources particularly the dream bazaar and the toolkit could be used in a short, focused webquest to dicover tools and design ideas.

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Dave Gerber
11:27am 10 June 2017

Why i didn`t saw this earlier? It would be pleasure to visit conference like this, but like always, im late xD By the way, i found little report from this conference -

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