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Cris Neto’s Scenario I – Learning how to work with autistic children

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Cristina Neto
24 January 2013

Actors: Sofia, 34, Natural Sciences teacher at a Secondary school

 Goals: Wants to learn ways to work with SEN children within the classroom.  Sofia feels she needs to know more about dealing with SEN children as every year she has new students with some kind of disability. This year she has an autistic boy, aged 12.

 Settings: (where & when?) Most of the work involved will be done at home, after work and weekends. During the day she may communicate through the platform and to any other work colleagues involved in the same situation, as they all face SEN children, sometime, in the classroom. Others may be joining the course or not.

 Objects: (what things are involved?) Mobile phone or tablet, laptop, platform – Moodle, as it is the official platform used by our official schools.

 Actions:  (what do actors do?) The course is provided by the teachers’ training centre, through the Education Ministery and announced in every school. It will be held exclusively online. Sofia sees the announcement and decides to register to attend. She registers in the course’s Moodle and starts exploring. She already knows Moodle as she works with it in her school. She only has to know her way around the course’s environment.

 Events: (what happens to actors?) Sofia follows the activities anyway she can and completes them on schedule. She interacts with other users and other work colleagues who do not attend the course, discussing and exchanging ideas, trying to find out mutual difficulties experienced in the classroom.

 Results: (what is achieved?) Sofia finds out tools and activities she can use to promote her autistic student’s success and engagement. She learns how to communicate with him and how to deal with him within his classmates.

 Your design: (what role does your design play?) The design will provide tools to design learning and communication activities to children with autism.

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Inês Araújo
12:57am 25 January 2013

This is a interesting scenario.

I have a question:

When you said "The design will provide tools to design learning and communication activities to children with autism."

What kind of tools you mean? Software? Apps? Plataforms? Usual applications like office... 

This is only a curiosity question.

God work!


Cristina Neto
11:29am 25 January 2013

Hello, Inês

Yes, that's what I mean, all of those. Even usual applications like Office can be used in a different way that people never thought about. For instance, I'm sure there are lots of people who don't know that Powerpoint allows us to produce a video file, don't you think? That's what I'd like to present to other teachers, see? That kind of stuff... innovative ways to work with these children in order to improve their engagement and promote their success. Well, innovative enough for those who don't know, of course, and REALLY innovative, for everybody, that is...

Thank you for your question!or 

Inês Araújo
3:30pm 27 January 2013

Hello Cristina,

Thanks for you answer. :)

I saw this link today anda I think that will be interesting for this project.

See in: 


Cristina Neto
11:31am 28 January 2013

Thank you for your link, Inês. This can be really useful.

Ida Brandão
3:56pm 1 February 2013

Olá Cristina,

Are you acquainted with the ICT Resources Centre for Special Needs of Coimbra?

Do you know they evaluate pupils' needs in what regards technology? They have materials adapted for different disabilities and help teachers to adapt, namely materials with pictographic/symbol language.

Perhaps you'll be interested in joining a Moodle community of teachers working in Units of Autism Spectrum Disorders for Special Needs, it gathers some resources for these situations. I can register you if you wish -


Cristina Neto
6:22pm 1 February 2013

Hi, ida

I've sent you an e-mail, so that you can register me in that community.


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