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Nathalie's initial dream-project scenario: Intergenerational discussion of "What values for the twenty one century"

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Nathalie Sylvie Caroline Ferret
24 January 2013

Actors: Nathalie, a 47 year old ex-lecture, formed in Sociology, living in Coimbra-Portugal, founder member of the “Intersecção” Association, searching for new career paths for teachers and trying to adapt to emerging technology in education, new pedagogies and online learning designs (designer and moderator/facilitator) Fifteen adults, professionals of all kind, and fifteen teenagers, speaking and writing Portuguese, with online basic skills and resources, wanting to discuss about values and their importance to maintain solid relationships in this social, political and economical changing world, in this twenty one century.

Goals: Theirs goals are sharing opinions, thoughts and doubts, crossing critical ideas about nowadays case-situations or behaviors, finding ways through values to maintain solid and positive social and professional relationships. I (designer) want to be able to create a inter generational and collaborative learning space where oriented discussion could take place and which culminate on the creation of a kind of a converging Guide-list of thinked values of the twenty one century (to be openly used, rebuild, forward by others).

Settings: Most of the action happens in Facebook and Wikispace (or maybe in Moodle?), next October of 2013. It’s still not quite defined and I must have most profound thoughts about it.

Objects: Computer or Laptop and mobile phone.

Actions: After the understanding of the learning context and of the personas that are implicate/involve, after the planning of the project, I (designer/moderator/facilitator) will set up the wikispace and open a group discussion on facebook. Every day, during a month, I’ll must read the contributions of every participant, give a feedback, propose new topics and resources of discussion, stimulate collaborative cross ideas and provoking hangouts. If everything goes well, the participants will be involved in the discussion-activity, coming everyday (no matter at what hour’s) to facebook and/or wiki to propose theirs points of view/insights for the creation of a Guide-list of the most important thinked values for this century.

Events: A lots of things could happen. The settings aren’t well chosen, the personas haven’t be well thought and therefore the learning design is not well adapt,  the stressed lives of all the participants can interfere on the initial motivation, conflict ideas and manners of participation could emerge...

Results:  For all the participants, it will be expect subjective results(difficult to measure up but not impossible) such as a intergenerational converging of points of view, the burgeoning critical thinking of each one, maybe the establishment of new friendships and the  auto-analysis of values grounds and objective ones like a twenty one century values guide-list created collectively. Every participant will get a certificate of participation. For the designer, the result expected is the success of the activity, evaluate by satisfaction’s questionnaire or other form of assessment. (To think about, also)

Your design: The app I’m thinking designing, a hybrid learner-participant centered one, will help to create a collaborative ambience and will hopefully provide interesting open wide discussions and open mind reflexions.

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sila heuk
2:26pm 3 March 2017

I think you have a wonderful idea ! Its' important to learn from each others and discussion was, is and will be the best way to do it, period.

I hope te app will be out soon !

Best regards from chaussettes de contention !

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