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An online toolkit for creating online, accessible widgets (learning resources)

"WIDGaT allows teachers and students to create personalised tools to support learning and independence. Widgets are platform independent and can be added to your desktop, mobile phone or VLE."

Videos on site give walkthrough of the tool which is relatively straight foward to use/

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Salgoud Seven
10:18 on 28 August 2015

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Alice (Xin) Huang
1:55am 29 January 2013

Hi Sheila, 

A nice tool!  Do you know if the widget created by this tool is compatible with ibook author? 



Alice (Xin) Huang
2:14am 29 January 2013

I just had a look at this tool, and tried to create a widget.  Is there only 3 templates for us to choose? 



Sheila MacNeill
8:55am 29 January 2013

Hi Alice

Glad you are finding the tool useful and having a go at creating something with it. Just now yes there are only 3 templates but you could create something without a template if you liked.  The idea is to make small things, not too complicated and these three were the most popular types of things people initially seemed to want. The team at Teesside tho are keen to do more development so  I would recommend getting in touch with them if you wanted anything specific or more information.

Just now it's not ibooks compliant, the development team have gone down the W3C widget specification so it can be used on a variety of devicies - not just Macs.

Hope this helps


Alice (Xin) Huang
10:10am 29 January 2013 (Edited 10:11am 29 January 2013)

Hi Sheila, 

Thank you for you response, I had another play with the widget and created a simple to-do list. Then I got the embed code and using Tumult Hype 1.6 for a second round development, then exported as an ibook author widget, put into my ibook, and it worked!!! See the screenshot below.  And I tried this one in Moodle, works perfectly! 

Here is the link to a web version of this widget:

I am having fun, I would like to get in touch with the team at Teesside to find out more about this project. 

Thanks, Alice

Sheila MacNeill
10:14am 29 January 2013

Brilliant Alice

The team at Teesside will be delighted about this. 


Elaine Pearson
4:21pm 30 January 2013

Hi all. I'm from the Accessibility Research Centre at Teesside University  and lead the team developing the Widget Authoring and Design Toolkit - WIDGaT. Firstly, thanks to Sheila for spreading the word about WIDGaT and secondly thanks to Alice for trying it out. 

I'm very pleased that you are interested in learning more about WIDGaT. You could start by exploring the support website , where you can find a basic video walkthrough and other support materials : . For users in the UK, we have a workshop event at JISC TechDis in York on Thursday 26th February to showcase some of the practical uses FE and HE staff and students have made of WIDGaT and for hands on experience. We are also working on a TechDis staff pack to support those using WIDGaT. 

If you have any specific queries, would like to sign up for the workshop  or want to get involved in some other way, please email me at . I'd be pleased to receive any feedback on the tool either here or by email. 



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