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24 January 2013

"The Design Studio is a developing toolkit which draws together a range of existing and emergent JISC resources which support technology-enhanced teaching and learning practice."

Institutional Approaches to Curriculum Design links to the "12 university projects from across the UK were involved in the programme":

  1. Birmingham City University - Technology Supported Processes for Agile and Responsive Curricula T-SPARC project.
    Transforming institutional culture and practice around curriculum design and approval.
  2. Cardiff University - Programme Approval Lean Electronic Toolset (PALET) project
    Creating a new context for the university approaches the design, management and communication of its educational provision
  3. City University London - Promoting Realistic and Engaging Discussions in Curriculum Teams (PREDICT) project 
    Supporting staff development to change the institutional culture of curriculum design
  4. Leeds Metropolitan University - Personalised Curriculum Creation through Coaching (PC3) project 
    Developing coaching models and resources within the curriculum
  5. Manchester Metropolitan University - Supporting Responsive Curricula (SRC) project 
    Streamlining the curriculum and associated systems and processes to improve efficiency and the learning experience 
  6. Staffordshire University - Enable project 
    Managing curriculum design initiatives through an enterprise approach
  7. The Open University - Open University Learning Design Initiative (JISC-OULDI) project 
    Enhancing curriculum design practice through a range of learning design tools, approaches and resources
  8. University of Bolton - Coeducate Project 
    Developing an inquiry-based curriculum model for more flexible online delivery
  9. University of Cambridge  - Course Tools project 
    Developing more individualised timetabling and searchable exam question database
  10. University of Greenwich - UG-Flex project 
    Enhancing curriculum development processes and underpinning systems for more flexible educational provision
  11. University of Strathclyde - Principles in Patterns (PiP) project 
    Supporting curriculum design and approval processes through a web-based system
  12. University of Ulster - Viewpoints project 
    Developing workshops and reflective resources to support effective curriculum design


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