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Kate Miller: development of a blended community learning programme

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Kate Miller
24 January 2013

My situation

Programme leader of  a new Community Learning and Participation degree programme using a blended approach to curriuclum. Most of our studnets are non-traditional students in higher education comming in with work expereince or an HNC from the further education sector.

Students need a blended programme that they can fit around their work and other commitments but also need to feel apart of a learning community.

We have  staff with mixed levels of experience of working with the online environment and students who have very diverseprevious  experiences of education.


I hope to develop ways of building a communityn of learners that feel comforatable engaging on line as well as in f2f contexts and help staff to develop their pedagogy and curriculum development to make the most of a blended learning and teaching environment.

What would be different if You succeed?

The students would be more engaged with the programme ane engae with each other more throught he virtual environment and develop their own f2f time to support each other. The staff would be more confident about engaging students and developing the online environment with the students to best advantage..


How you might go about bringing that change

Learn form others various stategies and approaches that can be adapted to our context. Try out new types of activities and explore the possibilities.


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